Zaha Lawn 2023 | ISKELE (ZL23-01 B)


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Unstitched Dress Material 
An incandescent, richly embroidered design ‘Iskele’ features an exquisite kashmiri tapestry in shades of ivory and tangerine laid out in detailed, delicate and lightweight taankas. Rendered in vivid Amber yellow, this look is accompanied by a contrasting Tangerine Swiss Voile dupatta adorned with detailed embroidered motifs to curate a look that will truly uplift the spirits.
ISKELE (ZL23-01 B) – 3 Pc – Unstitched
Embroidered Front Center Panel (Lawn) Mustard 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Left Panel (Lawn) Mustard 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Right Panel (Lawn) Mustard 1 Piece
Dyed Back (Lawn) Mustard 1 Piece
Embroidered Sleeves Left+ Right (Lawn) Mustard 1 Pair
Embroidered Sleeves Border (Organza) Mustard 1 Meter
Embroidered Front Hem Border (Organza) Mustard 1 Meter
Embroidered Dupatta (Voile) Rust 2.66 Meters
Embroidered Dupatta Pallu Patti (Voile) Rust 2.3 Meters
Dyed Trouser (Cambric) Mustard 2.5 Meters
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